Schooling for a Nursing Assistant

Do you possess the inherent passion to care for people, despite their age and disabilities? If so, then you can thrive in the health industry as a certified nursing assistant. A nursing assistant performs a variety of roles depending upon their experience and the medical settings where they are placed. Apart from assisting patients to perform daily routine activities like brushing, eating, bathing etc, nursing assistants also do a variety of administrative tasks.

Educational requirements to become a certified nursing assistant- To begin with prospective CNA students should have at least some high school diploma. Once the candidate is enrolled in a training program, he or she receives training in both theoretical and practical classes. The nursing assistant training is offered by community colleges, or health care institutes. The duration of course varies from one institution to another. During the training program, the candidates learn about different aspects of medical subjects, including duties and responsibilities as certified nursing assistant. The course is supervised by senior professionals in the related subjects.

During the clinical training, the students go through the practical aspects of becoming a CNA. They practice their skills and knowledge in the real-world settings. Once the training program is completed, candidates are required to take a certification test from the state. The certification requirements vary from state to state. This involves passing a written and a practical test. The certification exams for CNA training are approved by the American Nurse Association Commission of Nurse Accreditation. After the completion of certification test, the candidate can apply for the state license, which allows him to work as a certified nursing assistant.


Many technician schools offer training. Check with a local school near you, chances are you can still get in as there are classes throughout the year. Also the Red Cross offers free training. Also will list times and prices for online classes you can take today.

You take care of sick people through their most difficult times in sickness. Apart from educational requirements, this requires compassion and patience. Nothing can be more satisfying than a career as a nursing assistant.

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